Hey Michael, I’m writing this for you. RightThisMinute already featured you. You have a track record with them. You still have that girl’s email yo. Success seems like it’s congruent with reputation and who you know. I know a lot of people. People know me. #Anchorman. #lol 

Idk why I’m typing like im on anti-depressants or something haha. This is my first blog post from my new iPhone. 

It’s funny how I started out wanting my channel to be super clean. No swearing, or anything that could offend people. I would even avoid using explicit music on my blog. And now I go and do a video like “Asking Jesus For Forgiveness” hahaha. That upset some people. It wasn’t a neutral video haha thats for sure. I noticed something cool. After uploading, a bunch of people messaged me about that video. “Hey man that video was hilarious!” or, “Wow what are you doing man I used to love this channel.”

I heard some quote that’s like, ‘the quickest way to fail is trying to please everyone.’ Not sure if that applies here. Just wanted to put out a video I’d personally enjoy, and personally find funny. I did, and I feel 100% satisfied. I think it’s the first video i put out that made people go out of their way to tell me about it. What’s interesting is most people told me it was hilarious. A few people told me it really upset them. That’s awesom. I’m finally doimg videos that get people talking, not kindergarten stuff like asking people to the movies haha. Same with this racism experiment.

I’m reading this book, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. This guy has such an interesting view on who people are and why we’re the way we are. He believes strong in Nurture vs Nature. Saying like our environment shapes us. I wanted to do that Jesus/mexican/racist video for a while. Idk if its living in california that made me wanna do it or me thinking latinos can take a joke lol. If youre latino and reading this, i love you btw. Let me make it up to you & cook you tacos. 

I’m interested in living in Germany for a few months and filming there; it’ll be interesting seeing how that environment influences me and my videos. Now I’m listening to What Is And What Should Never Be by Zeppelin. Love having music play while I simultaneously type. Having an iphone is awesome dude. I’m so connected to the world right now. Not isolated like when I’m on my laptop. Every laptop post I made, was me typing from a dull room. Not here. I blog…. get my thoughts out on this iphone, listening to music….outside, lots of trees, wind blowing in my face, I hear everyone pushing their shopping carts around. I’m outside a grocery store. Cool man.

Dude one more thing….whats up with all the prank channels now lol. With over 100 channels now, I dont get why people would even want to associate with such a saturated niche. I’m trying to remember how I got mixed with this community. My first Pokeflir video was “High School on Sex,” in junior year. Me interviewing my friends Julia and Kayla. The girls w/ crazy softball hair. Interviews are just cool dude. I like learning new things / teaching people while making everyone laugh. I guess i got into public/candid “prank” vids through SimplePickup or Vitaly.

Sooo many new channels in 2014 now. I predict the successful people will be those who show the audience who they really are, instead of showing the audience creative pranks. Just my opinion. Otherwise people watch for the joke/prank and don’t care about the person on screen.

Side note: elevator music mixed with crude humor is one of my favorite things EVERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! Look up Jesse selling meth to people with jazz playing in the background. Lol. 

I want to connect with the audience more. People should feel like they’re a part of Pokeflirt; like their opinions matter and that they shape the videos. I’m brainstorming ways to include comments in my videos. Youtube isn’t TV. It isnt, “Let me put up this video so you make me money,” its more like, “here’s my video, and let me me know what you think.” Idk lol thats just my opinion. 

Ok this fat dude is smoking a cigarette next to me. Finna bounce cuz I ain’t be liking dat cigarette smoke, BUT I FURKKIN LUHHHHHH U thx cuzz for reading ; )

I’m going end my first iPhone 6 blog post……right……here :)

Michael Anthony Vera

5:31 PM

Brentwood, California