YEAAAAAAHAHHHHHHHHHHH. Dude what’s up. I watched the 2014 Kid’s Choice Awards yesterday. So awesome. They honored Dan Schneider, one of Nickelodeon’s main writers. Dan Schneider created awesome shows I grew up with: All That, The Amanda Show, Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, iCarly, Keenan and Kel… memories! It was pretty schweet seeing all the grown up actors stepping on stage with him.

I thought about how I’d watch these shows after school. These shows are literally my childhood. Dan Schneider, thanks for shaping my childhood! Sort of. But I’m sure other kids would thank you too! It’s crazy you still make shows today. For the next generation. The next generation of kids, and kid’s entertainment. Our Vine Age, twitter age, etc…

I really want to be a part of something like that, though. Nickelodeon, or maybe Disney. Entertaining millions of people like that. I’d rather write/produce than act, but still…I have such awesome memories just hanging out with friends and watching silly cartoons/shows. It’s cool to give back you know. Make shows like the shows you grew up with. Yeah, being someone like Dan Schneider must be cool.

By the way, isn’t that song My Beloved Monster by Eels awesome? It’s from Shrek. Shrek was made by DreamWorks, which was a company actually started by an old Disney employee.

Anyway it helps to have concrete goals right? I’ve been thinking of mine. 

1. Making Clean/Family Friendly Content.. I only want to make this. Just the way I was raised I guess. If I make movies or videos or anything they’d have to be appropriate for me and my grandma to enjoy. But me and my grandma watched 21 Jump Street together, so….go figure. By the way, Family Friendly Content = $$$$$. Yeah good luck trying to sell “picking up girls” pranks to Nickelodeon. Or something, lol. It isn’t everyone’s goal of course, but I’d love working with Nickelodeon.

2. Feel Good Content. There’s enough fight videos online. And negative vids in general. Yeah it gets people talking, gets views etc, but even if i tried to make that stuff it wouldn’t come out good. I make better funny stuff. I enjoy feel good movies, music blah blah. Like Stuart Edge. He’s a channel I watch with my mom or siblings. None of his videos have “gone wrong” pranks where someone gets attacked. Lol just not that interesting in my opinion.

3. A Strong Relationship With My Audience. Look at Dan Schneider. He’s been making successful kids shows for what, 20 years? That guys knows his audience. It’s a great relationship. Harley Morenstein said something like, even if he got a really successful TV show taking time from his internet career, he’d never turn his back on his online audience. So yeah, if you’re a fan of me of my blog, you totally rule dude :) lol

Think of some REALLY specific goals! They help. They clear your head better than vague goals do.

Kind of random, but I’ve been thinking about Buddhism lately. Steve Jobs practiced Buddhism I believe. One part of Buddhist dogma I find really interesting, is the idea that time is equivalent to a circle. O.o

So if time is just going in circles, it means pretty much every things already happened. Kind of crazy to think about. But when you create youtube videos, or movies, or iPods or whatever, I’m sure that belief takes off a lot of stress. Lol. Everythings already been done before. So don’t worry about trying to be revolutionary or anything like that….just let it happen naturally, right.

I mean, since I’m into writing and movies, I think about jokes, and what was considered “edgy” back in the day. Pushing boundaries. Movies in the 60’s had pretty dirty jokes, lots of violence, all that stuff. It’s been done before. Things gets recycled. So no worries about trying to be super new, or the best or anything like that.

Dave Chappelle is a big inspiration of mine. He kind of revolutionized entertainment though. I mean he has the most sold DVD series of all time (currently). That counts for something right? He made the world think about racism and stuff like that. Pretty cool. Yeah he’s smart.

So anyway. Yeeeeeeeeeaaahhhh. What’s up with you. Thanks for reading dude. I never talk about the stuff I work on in the blog posts. I gotta do that more. I always talk about success and entertainment and all that but never about whaT I AM working on you know.

And there’s this vid I put together. It’s behind the scenes for this kiss vid I filmed at Santa Cruz. I’m kind of addicted to this video lol. It’s only 20 seconds long, but I keep playing it over and over. It’s the fast editing I think. I’m part of the Vine generation. Tiny attention span you know? I mean dude, it’s edited like REALLY FAST yo. I knew I wanted to edit it a certain way also.

Here’s the video I’m editing, lol plus the Breaking Bad scene I plagiarized

(Can’t see it? Click the links)  



When you enjoy the stuff you make, that’s good. The actual video I’m making isn’t finished. But It’s coming along. Thanks for reading man.

Michael Anthony Vera

11:20 PM

Sacramento, California