I have a ‘real’ job now. It’s cool. I run a cash register. It’s my first actual job, and it’s totally fascinating working here…

Seeing middle-class America is cool to me. When I walk around in the back of the store I listen to the other employee conversations. They talk about “normal” people things, like refinancing their house, marriage, the boss not giving them what they want. I’m a fly on the wall. This is my first week, and I’ve been so excited learning everything I haven’t thought much about Youtube.

You see I’m hoping my “real” job gives me discipline, cause that’s what I really lack. I figured that out about myself. I thought I loved Youtube enough to put out videos every week.. But I’ve realized I’m not as motivated as I thought. I take too long to edit videos and push them out, because I’m afraid of criticism. Since youtube isn’t a reali job, my wealth isn’t defined by time, so technically I can slack off and still make money. I make money on content I created months ago, so I could slack off if I wanted to. Well I shouldn’t slack off, but I’m trying to explain I make money whether or not I work. That’s passive income. That’s a non-normal job, like Youtube. Normal jobs, like the cashier job I currently have, is not passive, I only get paid when I work. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid.

I’m glad this job is teaching me. It teaches me to appreciate youtube. Having a job is awesome, but I feel really bad for people who lives their whole lives working jobs. Being 60 years old and taking orders from others must feel bad. I hate taking orders from anyone. I guess that’s part of my punk mindset, idk what too call it lol, maybe just call it immaturity hahaha. My dad is a successful boss/business guy, so he’s pretty heartless/cold sometimes. For a long time i didn’t think of him as my dad, I thought of him as my boss. So I feel like I already have job experience even though this is my first job haha.

I like talking to customers too. Messing up on the cash register, and holding up the line, gives me more anxiety than talking to strangers in public. But I’m getting used to it. Sometimes I take control of the situation. This is my cash register bitch. Oh sorry, you want me to look for which pack of cigarettes, yeah sorry we don’t have those. Buy them from another store. You taking orders from me now, not the other way around. Just kidding, I’ve never said that lol. I probably never will lololol. Even if I quiet, it won’t be a TV Drama, ‘i’m done with this!!” i’ll turn in a 2 week notice probably lolololol

I’m just grateful I’m living the best of both worlds now.

Mindles job, and digital entrepreneur.

And the mindless job isn’t so mindless, I’m learning patience and humility. My co-workers are also awesome. I mean. How does someone go through college their whole life, get hired STRAIGhT into CEO position, and expect to know how to run a company when they’ve never dealt directly with an angry customer?

It’s important to work the bottom before you understand the top.

Let’s talk about Youtube and Pokeflirt too. So many big pranksters following pokeflirt on youtube now. Not that that signifies anything, but it’s awesome…we’re not unknown anymore.

My current position with Youtube is great. I still think of myself as a fan, although Luke recently reminded me I’m not, I’m a content creator. People enjoy my stuff and recognize Pokeflirt as a brand. I have to get used to that. We’re at 12,000 subscribers now. I’m not an unknown high school kid trying to get heard anymore, now I’m a channel who people have heard of. 12,000 subscribers doesn’t mean I make amazing content….there’s a lot of videos I think are unfunny. But 80% of successs is “showing up,” meaning people confuse success with reputation. So people think if you’re popular, you’re also smart/funny/talented. Weird how that works….idk.

Basically I’m thinking….working a really job makes me appreciate Youtube so much more. I’m not thinking, “Hey I have a youtube channel I’m so much better than you wasting your time working,” I think, “I’m grateful I’m building my business while earning a stable income.”

So yeah….that’s what’s been on my head. I didn’t write a blog post for a month. I saw my Google analytics. The views went way down. If you’re reading this, then thanks :)

Yeah. Pokeflirt is a recognized brand now. I guess the question is, will I take it for granted? If I never upload, I feel like that’s taking it for granted. Also disrespecting the subscribers, who want to support me, but I diss them if I never upload.

Anyway yo, Pokeflirt is building its identity :)


- I have a real job (for now, hope I dont get fired)

- Making more money, for traveling and youtube filming

- I still love you

Michael Vera

11:30 PM

Discovery Bay, California