Hey sup it’s Michael :)

Ok not to be weird and I know these statements set off red flags, but I’ve been thinking about my mortality lately. I’m not depressed lol. I’m pretty sure haha

Over the past few days I’ve been thinking like, if something were to happen to me and I was gone tomorrow, what kind of mark am I leaving on the world? Am I making the world a better place, even in a little way. Hope so. I guess I’ve been raised to set examples for others, you know like to be an influencer or role model. Because both my parents are the oldest sibling in their family. I’m also the oldest of 6 siblings. I have a rstrong relationship with my parents because of this lol, the 3 of us know what it’s like to be the oldest.

But I think like, dude if I died tomorrow then all you guys would have left of me is my Youtube channel, and this blog. That’s crazy to think about lol. Robin William past away recently, and it’s really sad he took his own life, but he made so many people laugh. It was crazy to me to see how the world reacted to his death. I saw a lot of, “he was my childhood,” etcera. That’s pretty cool.

I just think, if something happened to me, then would i be proud of the Youtube vids I made or the blog posts I wrote, or the relationships I had w/ people? I hope so. Actually, after people I feel like they’re more accepted in the public eye. It’s interesting how most people respect the deceased. After Robin Williams passed, I watched some of his movies on Netflix. I loved this movie he put out called “World’s Greatest Dad,” where he plays a writer whose highschool son dies. Robin Williams character then writes a fake suicide note and diary and says his son is responsible. He then becomes famous for promoting his dead son’s fake diary lol. Funny stuff. Weird how that works. I just wanna make cool videos before i go though. Hopefully I’ll live to 90 years old after having made awesome movies, and met the executives at Youtube and Twitter, and Netflix maybe, like being a pioneer in digital entertainment lol, that would be awesome. 

So I decided to do this “25 Facts About Me” Tag, people usually do in video form, you know they film themselves, but w/e I’ll do it for this post. I copy pasted it off some site haha

What is Your Middle Name? Anthony

What was your favorite subject in school English..I like reading and writing

What is your favorite drink The Halo 3 Mountain Dew…only came out one time in history, so if not that then 100% Naked Juice

What is your favorite song at the moment It Is Such a Good Night by The Charlie Steinmann Orchestra

What is your favorite food Fried Calimari

What is the last thing you bought 2 Hour Parking on Hollywood Boulevard lol

Favorite book of all time? Love You Forever by Robert Munsch - The woman in the book reminds me of my mom

Favorite color blue

Do you have any pets No, my youngest sister McKenna is the closest I have to a pet, she’s 1 year old right now

Favorite Perfume i dont know ralph lauren something

Favorite Holiday Thanksgiving

Are you married No

Have you ever been out of the country I’ve been to France, Germany, and Mexico

Do you speak any other language? I speak Spanish and French

How many siblings do you have I have a 12 year old sister, two 7 year old brothers, one 4 year old brother, and a 1 year old sister

What is your favorite shop Nintendo Wii U e-shop 

Favorite restaurant Famous Dave’s, it’s an american barbecue restaurant, really cool it’s like New Orleans themed inside, my grandpa took me there for my 18th birthday

When was the last time you cried i dont remember haha maybe when I was 10 its weird how this is a question 

favorite Blog TheCoolestInTheWorld.Tumblr or Seth Godin’s blog

Favorite Movie The Girl Next Door - it makes me feel 14 when i watch it

Favorite TV Show Curb Your Enthusiasm

PC or Mac both are cool I dont have a preference my bad Nintendo DS if I have to choose

What phone do you have some blackberry from 2009

How tall are you 5 foot 11

Can you cook  Yes!! Really well.

Ok, thanks for reading haha.


11:04 PM

Norwalk, California