what’s good fAm

Sometimes it’s cool to get random thoughts out of my head. Useless blog posts, like most blogs are known for. But I don’t want Pokeflirt.com to be that. I want to look back on my posts and learn from them. I want to be reminded of cool knowledge I was thinking at the time. Hey that last sentence didn’t really make sense, whatever I’m typing this late at night.

I know when I first started my channel I know I would have appreciated a blog that detailed how online success worked.

So yeah basically what I’m saying is I want my posts to not be pointless lol.


10,000 subscribers in one year. Not bad, not amazing either, I could have gone bigger. I’m kind of a time waster. I talked to Andrew Hales about that though….by the way, talking to Youtubers in person is so cool lol. I’ll never get over how cool it is to meet the people you watch. I don’t consider it any different than meeting a movie celebrity or rock star.

When I first met RomanAtwood in 2013, I was really nervous haha. Now I’m learning to be normal around well known people, I want to learn from them as much as I can, you can’t have a conversation with these people if you’re super nervous :P. I think the feelings similar to being a 5 year old kid in Disneyland, and meeting Mickey Mouse.

Anyway. yeah Andrew gave me his advice on filming proper social experiments/pranks. Coming from his style of video, approaching strangers, saying random things to get a reaction, there’s a certain mindset for Andrew Hales’ style. He told me it’s ok to wait. You can gauge a person’s mood and how they’ll react by first observing them. Most others I’ve talked to have said to approach every girl or person out there. I really appreciated Andrew’s insight. 


I told Andrew about my collaboration with FreddyFairhair and Luke, (which got 2 million in its first week, I made sure to mention that lol) and I said how they told me to go up to every person no matter what, every reaction is a good reaction I was told, we can ignore that bad reactions later, in editing. Andrew disagreed with this. 

Fred had told me Andrew was lazy, and I already had an idea of how Andrew worked just by watching his videos. But being able to talk to him in person was really cool. He agreed with Fred that he was lazy lol.

I see it as a different type of work ethic, and obviously the simple approach has worked for LAHWF. It’s a well respected brand, everyone who watches pranks is familiar with Lahwf.

"Awkward Laughing" was the only LAHWF video I couldn’t sit through…I told Andrew and he was like ‘What the heck man that’s my favorite one.’ I kind of felt bad so later that day in the hotel room I watched it on my laptop, and I have to agree it’s a pretty good video :)


This whole youtube community is a really awesome thing. I could care less about views or how much money my channel makes. I know I want to grow Pokeflirt, I want it to be a respected brand. I want to evertually hang out with Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel. Through Pokeflirt, I want to hang out with top executives at Nickelodeon and Disney and just talk about entertaining people and the history of entertainment.

But right now I’m enjoying my relationships with all these awesome Youtubers. Driving down to Santa Barbara and filming with Luke and Fred was a big turning point. After that, I feel like I was accepted into the community haha. At Vidcon everyone asked about “How To Ask Out a Girl Using Her Own Advice.” It’s a sick video. It gives me the confidence to take over Youtube. When we filmed in Santa Barbara, every girl had heard of Whatever…Whatever basically owns Santa Barbara. I want to take over The Bay Area in the same way.

Back to Vidcon. It’s strange I don’t think I see Andrew as a big bro yet. Well sorta. I definitely see Luke, Fred, and Brian as my older brothers. Andrew’s more of a teacher right now. I don’t think he reads our blog so I guess I can say whatever I want about him, like his vids suck and he’s ugly. Just joking :P

My grand master plan for Pokeflirt is all set. I’m like a ninja who’s been in training, now’s the time to put my training to the test.

I know how to use Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr effectively.

After I get more youtube checks, I should buy an iPhone so I can use Snapchat and Instagram too.

I know how to engage with people on social media now. Lol, I just need videos to talk about.

My dream schedule is still to film every single day, for days on end. I know Pokeflirt will be late to catch up, compared to other prank channels. Even though I’ll eventually expand to interviews and sketch comedy. Yeha I’m still a “hidden camera” channel, and that’s the community I’ve chosen to identify with.

However, within the prank community there’s been an evolution. First it was Vitaly with his normal, crazy “man on the street” videos, then people tried to copy that. He moved on with set “sketch” type videos, rather than random pranks ,he had very concise thought out videos. Also, Stuart Edge pioneered kissing videos, now that he’s moved on from those other people are trying to do the same thing.

It’s the same with any other business or type of success. People think, “Oh, you can be successful just by doing that so I’ll do that.” So for my channel, I have to keep in mind that I don’t want to look like a copycat. I need to stand out. And a big part of Youtube success is coming across as a genuine person. So I’m going to interact with the people who watch as often as possible.

For my 10,000 subscriber video I’m doing a simple Question and Answer. I’ll also thank people who I believe have helped Pokeflirt’s sucess. Mainly:

Vitalyzdtv who got me my first 1,000 subscribers by sharing my video on Facebook

Luke and Fred who let me film with them, and stay at their place in Santa Barbara for a week

- Brian/Whatever who paid for my very first Vidcon trip, as well as my hotel room

Aryia who’s supported me since we both started our channels

So yeah thanks for reading mane we president now.

I don’t really know how to end posts, but here’s an awesome quote by Seth Godin

"The first lie… is that you’re going to need far more talent than you were born with.

The second lie is that the people who are leading in the new connection economy got there because they have something you don’t.

The third lie is that you have to be chosen.

The fourth lie is that we’re not afraid. We’re afraid. Afraid to lead, to make a ruckus, to convene. Afraid to be vulnerable, to be called out, to be seen as a fraud. The connection economy isn’t based on steel or rails or buildings. It’s built on trust and hope and passion. The future belongs to those that care and those that believe.”

Connection economy = Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Tech revolution basically. das it mane

Thank you for reading